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Early Years Learning Framework  & National Quality Standards

Childhood education is about ongoing growth, change, and improvement – both for the child and us. For KCC we ensure that quality early childhood education and care services are achieved through Quality Improvement Plans (QIP).

QIP enables us to regularly self-assess and find areas for future improvement. This process is essential to ensure excellence is achieved and the service we provide complies with Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

What is the EYLF in Early Childhood Learning?

The EYLF is a set of guidelines created by the Australian Federal Government as part of the National Quality Framework (NQF). It is a broad and comprehensive guide that enables us to provide children with the right opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. At the heart of the EYLF is an understanding that a child’s life is characterised by “Belonging, Being, and Becoming”.

Understanding these three characteristics are essential in informing educators and activities to guide children in developing their identity, interests and understanding of the world around them.

Our QIP is established in line with the National Quality Standard (NQS), a national benchmark that is used by regulatory authorities to assess and rate early childhood education and care service providers.

A centre’s QIP will contain:

  • An assessment of the quality of practices of the service to ensure that it is in line with the NQS and the National Regulations

  • Identifying areas that the provider considers are strengths and areas that need improvement

  • A statement about philosophy of the service

The NQS assesses all early childhood education centres around Australia on seven Quality Areas:

Every Quality Area outlined by the NQS presents a thorough assessment of a service providers’ procedures. So, as parents and carers, you can be rest assured that our centre is guided by a high and exacting national benchmark.

These Quality Areas in turn guide our QIP, which enables us to accurately gauge and identify areas of excellences and improvement in every aspect of our centre.

What does this mean for families enrolled at KCC?

The QIP is a great way to see how we are always working towards improving our practices. KCC consults with educators, children, and their families to ensure that everything from the curriculum to playground changes are assessed and accounted for properly and goes towards forming a comprehensive QIP.

To ensure that we are keeping track of the targets, our centre lists and features each QIP and steps taken to realise its goals.

Want to find out more? Feel free to ask us about how KCC works toward fulfilling our QIP when you tour with us. We will be delighted to show you around.

Quality Improvement Plan: Welcome
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